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Pink Sugar

Get to know our class with these fantastic 3D self portraits

3D self portraits.jpg

Creating our names through a STEAM activity

STEM activities.JPG
procedural milkshakes.JPG

The boys enjoyed making strawberry milkshakes while following the procedure we wrote collaboratively. 

procedural milkshakes 2.JPG

STEPS Young Engineers Award Project

The boys developed an engineering project using recyclable materials they collected at home.


They followed the same steps as a real life engineer.

Firstly, they brainstormed their idea in groups.


Then they made the prototype.


Finally, they got the opportunity to present their prototypes to an engineer role model who visited our school.

Eng 5 .JPG
Eng 8.JPG

Christmas Prep is well under way in our classroom :) :) :)


Wishing you all a Merry 'Grinchmas'!!! 


From Ms. Dunleavy's 4th Class.

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