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The Techno Temple

 by The Computer Room Committee

In 2018, the Computer Room was recently added to the school and to maintain order and keep it up to date, a group of 5th class boys from Mr. Graydon’s Class and Ms Greally’s Class were selected to be the ones who would run the Computer Room. They soon decided to call themselves, the Computer committee [C.R.C.] and began to run the Computer Room. The Computer Room Committee members split into groups to manage different areas of the Computer room. Efrin Abi and Bartus Cichorczyk, both made the I.D. cards for the Computer Room Committee. Dara Reilly and Jack Kilcullen helped with the design of the computer room and helped provide the room with a new whiteboard and clock. Darragh Kinsella, Matthew Grohmann, Alex Villena and Ken Peri ran a competition for the whole school to participate in, to find the new name for the computer!

A student from Ms. Hodgin’s Class called Jake Joesph and Jaydon Flynn from Ms. Sloyan's won with the name: ‘Techno Temple’ and they received an Easter egg for winning. The computer Room was officially called "The Techno Temple."

Efrin Abi, Philip Olszanowski and Liam Began also ran the yard stand which is a "Questions, Answers and Suggestions" table that was situated on the yard every few days, to chat with the students and to note their suggestions on how to make the computer room even better! The whole Computer Room Committee is involved in changing each computer monitor's background every few weeks to keep it fresh and new! So, a big thanks to the Computer Room Committee, Mr Fortune and Ms Gorham for making The Techno Temple, THE BEST ROOM IN THE SCHOOL!      

Written by Darragh Kinsella and Efrin Abi.


In 2019, an art competition was ran to decorate the Techno Temple. Rouac Peralta from Ms. Greally’s 5th Class won the competition with his colourful design. His artwork was professionally printed. It is vividly on display on the window of the Techno Temple for everyone to see.  This winning piece of artwork can be seen below.

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