Welcome to The Core

The S.E.N. team in St. Lorcan's B.N.S. is dedicated to the growth and development of every child in the school. From the expansion of our numeracy and literacy skills to the reinforcing of wellbeing, all members of staff focus on the strengths and success of our pupils.

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The S.E.N. team for the 2020/2021 school year is as follows:

Mr. Daly

Ms. McGeever

Mr. O'Connell

Ms. Connaughton 

Ms. Mulvey

Mr. Brosnan

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Our Core Beliefs

This year the teachers based in The Core are Mr. Daly and Mr. O'Connell

One of our many projects this year was the setting up of our classroom garden! We have planted carrots, celery, peas and lettuce! 

We planted our seeds in a mix of both our homemade compost and bought compost to give them the best chance to grow!!!!


After the Halloween break we will be researching the finer details of growing our vegetables!! So stayed tuned for further updates!

Literacy and Numeracy are key skills that also we constantly develop! 


The 4th Class reading group having great fun (and reading)!!!

The 5th Class reading group doing some report writing!


Great work has also taken place in the school garden! Many different classes have weeded the raised beds and prepared them for the winter while the "Core Champions" have tidied up the bark much and other areas of the garden! 


A big thank you to Mr. Glover for his help with the project!!


We may not get the chance to go trick or treating this year but we had great fun carving out our Halloween pumpkin!

After 4 weeks, our urban garden is really blooming! We have been busy watering each plant everyday and have begun to thin out both our carrots and our lettuce!


ICT and computer literacy has become so important over the last few months. In school, we have continued to improve our skills with regular visits to the Techno Temple!


Another project we have started is letter writing. We decided, as An Post have waived the postage fee when posting to nursing homes, to send letters to the residents of Mount Sackville Nursing Home in Chapelizod.

Here is the fourth class group posting our letters to the nursing home.


Home Schooling - January 2021

From Monday 11th January all children will be given work to complete from their classroom teacher through Google Classroom. Some of the boys will also be given work from their S.E.N. teacher. This will be clearly outlined on the forum. If you are having difficulty completing the work or finding it too difficult do not worry. Complete what you can! Try to stay active and safe and keep you mind and your body healthy! 

Below are some documents that may help parents throughout home schooling! 

Dublin Zoo have a wide range of learning and colouring activities to help us stay focused and learn about all types of animals during lockdown. Follow the link to see the great material.


"The Great Isolation Activity Book" is also a great way to keep your brain focused and ready for work during lockdown! Click the PDF on the right to access!

Relaxation and mindfulness is a great way to help us unwind and reduce our screen time! Find a quiet place to lie or sit down with very few distractions, even if it only for a few minutes. Try to forget whatever worries you may have and focus on the sounds around you and your breathing. Below is a link to some music which may help you. Enjoy!!!


February Wellness Calender

Please have a look at the wellness calendar on the right! It is designed to help people manage their mental health throughout lockdown. A big thanks to Ms. Claire Hodgins for designing the calendar!! 

Claire is a fully qualified mindfulness teacher and holds an Advanced teaching certificate in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, from Mindful Academy International. 

She regularly works with the Sanctuary on Stanhope Street and have run a number of Mindfulness workshops for companies such as Facebook, the Irish Primary Principals Network, Focus Ireland and TUI Blanchardstown. 

Homeschooling from Easyjet

Easyjet (the airline) have launched a Homeschooling initiative called "Flightsize. This includes a number of short videos on YouTube describing how pilots fly all around the world! Links to each video can be found below and I will include more videos as the are released! Enjoy!