Welcome to Ms. Geraghty's Senior Infants

To all the boys of Senior Infants 2020 (and their families)

This week‚ with only two days to go before we get our holidays‚ we are not putting up work......you have done enough! Our year together in Senior Infants was exciting‚ interesting and fun until March‚ when things got a little scary and weird. We know that doing schoolwork at home was not always easy for your Mams‚ Dads or you. But‚ we also know that we could always count on each other and this is what got us through it all.......you have all been amazing!

​We Hope that you found our workpacks useful‚ helpful and enjoyable. Remember to keep learning. In the words of Dr. Seuss “‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”.  Keep reading......It will take you to places you now dream of!

​When you come back to school in September an Amazing year awaits you! You will be in first class. You will have a lovely New teacher in a lovely new room and you will learn lots and lots of interesting things!


Remember to be Κind and loving to each other- love makes the world go around!


You have now come to the end of your year in Senior Infants. Have an Outstanding Summer break and Until we meet again love‚ laugh and learn!!!

Ms. Geraghty

There is a special message hidden in my letter. What do my colourful letters spell?

Take a look below at some of our Artwork!