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What Events does the PA Organise?
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Each year the Parent Association (PA) organises events & activities which have included a visit by SkyDome Planetarium, Reptile Zoo, Communion Breakfasts, new parents coffee morning, Christmas selection boxes for Junior & Senior Infants, gift & reception for graduation classes.

We will advertise our events and activities through our Facebook group: Lorcan's BNS Parents' Association - check us out! 

​Information on the re-opening of schools in August 2020:

Support for children and families during COVID-19:

Some posters your son will see displayed in the school from August 2020:

Sesame Street resources:

Resources & New Initiatives
How does the PPSPA fundraise?

We also fund specialist learning materials and resources for the children which teachers may not have the funds for but which can substantially support the learning experience for the children. To date this year we have supported St. Lorcan's by funding their Aistear programme, Maths station teaching and their new sensory room.

The PPSPA have introduced two brand new initiatives, firstly the award winning Sticks and Stones Anti-bullying programme which was run for all parents and was then rolled out to the senior classes. This programme supports the schools in their objective to educate the children about bullying.

It goes without saying that we need to fundraise in order to provide much of the events/activities for the school community (pupils, teachers, parents). We like to fundraise using such initiatives as “Design a Christmas Card” so that you get something in return for your money.

How do I get involved?
Who are the current PA group?

We hold our monthly meetings on Tuesday nights. We decide on the date of our next meeting at the end of each meeting. Parents' Association meetings usually take place at 7.30pm in the main hall of St. Lorcan's B.N.S.

Our AGM is usually held in May each year in the main hall of St Lorcan's BNS, everyone is welcome and if you want to get involved with the Parents Association during the upcoming school year or would like to put your name down as a volunteer you can speak to one of our members on the night.

Monica Laffan - Chairperson
Lisa Kennedy - Treasurer
Hugh Flood - Secretary

Andy Piece - Board of Management/Parent Rep
Tara Calder - Board of Management/Parent Rep

Jonathan Campbell
Fiona Moore
Karen Kent
Denise Craven
Sinead Hogan
Olive Mariner
Jennifer Kelly
Catriona Ryan

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