September 2020

It was wonderful to return to school after such a long break and I was delighted to see all the smiling faces! The boys have had a great first month back at school and have settled in really well.

Maths Week 

The boys really enjoyed the activities, especially the tangrams. Tangrams can be used to develop problem-solving, logical thinking and spatial awareness skills. We had lots of fun!

Halloween Art

Here is some of the fabulous Halloween art that we had on display in our classroom. We had so much fun creating our Frankenstein faces. We also made spooky haunted houses. Enjoy the pictures!

Halloween Walk 

On Friday we went for a walk around Palmerstown. The boys had a great time showing off their costumes. Here are some photos of the ‘spooktacular’ costumes.  

Happy Halloween.png

Science Week 2020

We really enjoyed Science week. We had lots of fun! 

Experiment 1- Egg in Vinegar

If you soak an egg in vinegar, the eggshell will absorb the acid and break down, or dissolve. All you have to do is watch and wait! The eggshell dissolves and leaves a soft, bendable, squeeze-able, rubber egg! 

Experiment 2- Cloud Dough.

We made cloud dough. It feels like what you'd imagine a fluffy cloud would feel like. All you need is cornflour and hair conditioner. 

Class of the Month

We won class of the month in November. The boys were delighted to have won! Look at all those smiling faces. 

great job.jpg

Winter & Christmas Art