Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh
Ms. Geraghty's Second Class! 

Happy Christmas everyone!

We have been as busy as Santa's elves on the coutndown to Christmas. We have worked hard on our spellings, our writing, our irish and our maths. We have also done lots of art! have a look at some of the work we have done.

Have a listen to a Christmas Story, read by some of the boys in our class!

christmas collar part 1
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christmas collar part 2
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christmas collar part 3
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christmas collar- the ending
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We have had lots of fun doing PE. We ran laps of the oval, practiced jumping with two feet, did long jumps over the puddles,  and best of all....we played soccer! Alex says: " we are a very sporty class. We like to play football. We like to play Gaelic football too. We are doing GAA every Friday with Peter from St. Pats. It is really good."

We have done lots of art this term. We painted pictures,  we used pastels, we cut and stuck things....we had fun!  Jermaine says "We love to do art. This year we have already done abstract art and pointilism".  


We read "Danny Champion of the World"  by Roald Dahl. It was a very exciting book.We will put up a book review when we are done.

In November we really enjoyed maths week. Did you know that Maths is all around us? Have a look for yourself? Use your maths eyes. 

What shapes can you see in this fantastic creature? 


What shapes can you see in Oran's impostor? how many shapes did he need to make this terrific picture?

We have been very lucky with the weather in this first term. We got play outside in the yard almost every day. We stayed safe in our bubbles and we had lots and lots of fun together.  Aiden says: "We love to trade cards at yard time. We are not allowed to take our cards out in class".