Ms Fogarty  & Ms Joyce's 6th Class

Welcome back to all the boys in 6th class! We are looking forward to what will hopefully be a fantastic last year in St Lorcans for all the class! Keep an eye on our class page to see what we get up to during the year!!


This month we learned all about the counties of Ireland and we looked up facts on each one!

Our mini fact files on the counties of Ireland.

In Gaeilge we did a lot of work based on the theme of Mé Féin for the month of September. We learned 6 sentences each week and as a result by the end of the month we could write our first Irish essay based on Mé Féin!!

mé féin.JPG


rowing 1.JPG
rowing 3.JPG

One of the big perks of 6th class is getting the chance to rowing on Friday morning in Islandbridge! Each Friday 8 boys spend one hour on the river learning proper rowing technique and all about water safety!!

rowing 2.JPG

Run a Marathon!!

Over the course of the next 8 weeks we aim to run a marathon1 Each day we will run a distance of 1-2km and after 8 weeks we will have run 42km the distance of a full marathon!!! Keep an eye on our page for photos and updates on our progress!!

Award Winners!!

Congratulations to our award winners at this months assembly, Jack Ogle, Justin Marnier and Kevin Sunoj!!! 


In history we had been learning all about historical buildings in Ireland and in art we got the chance to construct replicas of some of them!! Can you identify some of the buildings we constructed???


Halloween has arrived in our classroom! We created a clay witches cauldron with two witches feet sticking out of it!!

witches feet 2.jpg
witches feet 4.jpg