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Please check here often for news and to see what we have been doing in our class!

Welcome to 1st class. My name is Ms. Fenton and I'll be your teacher this year! We are in Room 14. Our class starts at 9am and finishes at 2:20pm. I look forward to meeting you all!

This is the classroom door for Room 14.

Ms. Fenton


Wow! Check out all the words the boys could think of!

We made a group of words that have ER in them, UMP in them and AR in them!

Well done boys! Great work for your first week in 1st class!

At the start of the year, we always have a chat about what we want to be when we grow up. There was loads of different jobs like scientists, gardaí and even youtubers! See can you find your picture!

All about me

We wrote about and drew pictures all about ourselves. Check them out here!


Our Autumn trees

Check out our lovely Autumn trees! We didn't use paintbrushes to make the leaves! We used cotton buds! They turned out great!

Reading in 1st class

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Can you spot the 2-D shape hidden in our 3-D pencil cases?

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

For our first whole class read aloud book, we read Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. The boys really enjoyed the story and loved using their imaginations to think about the foxes and the farmers. We then spoke about our favourite parts of the story and drew a picture to illustrate it. 

Look at our owls we made. They have big eyes made using cupcake cases!

The Children of Lir

We read the mythical story 'The Children of Lir' for history. A myth is a traditional story that always includes magic. Aoife, the evil step mother turned the four children into swans. The boys created swans in art to depict the story.


We wrote out ingredients and a recipe to turn teachers into a toad! Check it out here!

Halloween bats!

These are the bats we painted in class. They are colourful Halloween colours. We picked four colours to paint them. Using a paper bat stencil, we painted around the outline to make a bat shape. You can see our cool bats on our classroom window!

This pumpkin is now in our class!!

Happy Halloween!!


Massive congratulations to Lucas in our class for winning the special Principal's award from Mr. Moore for the month of October!

The boys learned about different ways the weather was forecast long ago. People used to use folklore or sayings to figure out the weather. 



Red sky at night is a shepherd's delight! Red sky in the morning is a shepherd's warning!

Look at this lovely rainbow going over St. Lorcan's.  

We did some experiments in our class for science week!

1. Dancing raisins

2. Lava lamps

3. Diet coke volcano.

We also used our 5 senses to explore our classroom. 

This is the dancing raisins experiment. The bubbles from the fizzy water help the raisins dance at the top of the water!

This is the lava lamp experiment. You need water, food colouring, oil and the secret ingredient- a fizzy tablet.

Watch the video below to see what happens when the fizzy tablet is added!

This is the diet coke volcano experiment. Watch what happens when you drop a mentos into a bottle of diet coke!

Last week, we worked really hard as a class to do a very kind thing for the residents of Mount Sackville nursing home. We posted them some lovely art and a letter. An Post are running a free post initiative at the moment. The boys did so well!

We read a book called 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers. It is about a boy and a martian who meet on the moon. 

Note regarding website:

Monday 23rd November 2020

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Check out the pictures of us holding our love heart penguins! They turned out really well!

We learned 'Best day of my life' by American Authors! Check out the Youtube video and have a singalong at home!

How long do you think this line is? What is the best way to measure it- hand span, fingertips or strides with our feet?

In Maths this week, we worked on length. We were investigating the length and width of objects such as the table, our pencil and the classroom door.

Check out the pictures below!

Our Winter Wonderland 

We got a fantastic surprise in the post today! We got a letter back from the residents of Mount Sackville nursing home!


Compound words

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We have been working on our compound words! We thought of lots of words and became word detectives, using our magnifying glasses to find compound words in our readers!

We followed instructions to create our own Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!

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As part of our Christmas celebrations, we are showcasing all the different countries represented within our school. These are the different countries in our class! Merry Christmas in lots of different languages!















Look at all the words we thought of to do with Christmas! We made a list of soooo many that Ms. Fenton ran out of room on the white board! Then, we designed some Christmas baubles using the words to decorate them. These baubles are on our classroom window.

Tuesday December 15th:

The Elf arrived in our room!

Tuesday 15th December: The elf was sitting on top of the white board. When Ms. Fenton came into school, the mini Christmas tree was on, the reindeer calendar was sorted and all the maths counters were set up! Ms. Fenton couldn't figure it out!! It was the boys who spotted the elf and it all made sense!

Then, we went to the hall after snack to practice our 'Jingle Bell Rock' song and when we came back, the elf had left us a note! We thought it was his big ears that could hear us all the way over in the hall!

Wednesday December 16th: Today our elf arrived and brought some snow into the classroom. He was lying on the counter making a snow angel! WOW!

Thursday December 17th: The elf arrived with a letter and a pair of socks for Ms. Fenton! The elf dared Ms. Fenton to wear the socks for the 'Nollaig amuigh faoin spéir' on Friday! 

Friday December 18th: Today, our elf won student of the week!

Monday December 21st: Today, the elf was sitting by the clock with a note that said 'nearly time!'

We really enjoyed the Christmas show.

Watch us here!

Look at all the books we read about Christmas and Santa!