Welcome to Ms. Bracken's/ Ms. Barry's Senior Infants

The boys have all settled back into school life now and are enjoying Senior Infants. They are all working very hard.


We have been learning all about Autumn and the changes that we see all around us.

We went on a September walkabout around the school grounds and spotted lots of fallen leaves, nuts and spider webs.


To mark National Tree Day we went to the school garden to admire the variety of very tall trees. We talked about the different types of trees and why some trees lose their leaves and others don't. The boys were very knowledgeable.


We collected broken twigs, leaves, berries and nuts from the school garden to create Autumn Stick Men. We also had lots of fun making leaf rubbings. 




We are busy preparing to sing in the school concert. Please enjoy the video.

Heading 1

We got a very special message from the North Pole this week. Merry Christmas to everyone!