Welcome to Ms. Bracken's/ Ms. Barry's Senior Infants.

We have been very busy in room 4. Here is a sample of what we got up to during September and October.

We really enjoyed Maths week.

tangram 6.jfif
tangram 2.jfif
tangram 5.jfif
tangram 4.jfif

We had fun with tangrams.

tangram 1.jfif
tangram 7.jfif
tangram 3.jfif

We completed a Maths trail.

maths trail.jfif
maths trail 4.jfif
maths trail 2.jfif
maths trail 3.jfif
snakes and ladders 3.jfif

Games time.

snakes and ladders 2.jfif
maths game.jfif
shape pictures.jfif

We are enjoying doing Literacy stations. 

literacy station 8.jfif
literacy station 4.jfif
lit station 2.jfif
literacy station 3.jfif
literacy station 7.jfif
literacy station 5.jfif
lit station.jfif
literacy station 6.jfif

Halloween Fun. 

pumpkin 2.jfif
pumpkin 5.jfif

We loved making funny pumpkins for Halloween.

pumpkin 1.jfif
pumpkin 3.jfif
pumpkin 6.jfif
pumpkin 4.jfif

Look at us all dressed up for Halloween.

halloween fun.jfif

We have been busy revising our tricky words and learning lots of new ones.

tricky words.jfif

Our owl poem and paintings.

owls poem.jfif

We learned all about squirrels. We made squirrels and used Autumn leaves to decorate their tails.

squirrell noticeboard.jfif

We love P.E. We have played lots of games so far this year. we really enjoyed playing hockey.

pe hockey 2.jpg
pe hockey.jpg