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Welcome to Junior Infants!

We are doing lots of learning and fun activities in room 2. The boys have settled in very well and have made lots of new friends. 

Below are self-portraits we created when introducing ourselves to the class.

We are a family.jpg


The boys have been working very hard on their cutting and sticking skills.

Look at our wonderful Three Little Pigs Homes and Gingerbread men below.

The Three littl epigs.jpg
Gingerbread men.jpg


This week we started our phonics programme. We are learning all about the letter 'S'.

Finding s.jpg
finding s 1.jpg
finding s 2.jpg

Some of our wonderful Autumn art.
Well Done boys!!

Autumn art.jpg
finding s 3.jpg

Nov/ Dec

The boys exploring our theme of the month, 'Homes and Houses' during Aistear.

Our Playdough station- The boys are making household items for the playdough mats.

role play.JPG

Our sand station- The boys are exploring the sand to find household items.

Our construction station- The boys are building the three little bears house out of blocks.

Our Socio-dramatic station- The boys are acting out our story of the week - 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.


Halloween group photo.jpg

We had lots of fun in room 2 experimenting for science week!

Our Skittles Experiment

skittles exp 2.jpg
skittles exp.jpg

Our Mentos Experiment

mentos exp 2.jpg

Our Dancing Raisins

Dancing raisins 1.jpg

Toy show Ready!!!

Ryan tubridy jumpers.JPG

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

christmas door.JPG


Valentines Day

Love is in the air

valentines clay.JPG

Working on our heart shaped candle holders <3 <3 <3

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