Green Schools 

We are a Green School here in St. Lorcan's.

We have 3 Green Flags to date.

We have a Litter, Energy and Water Green School Flag. 

We are working towards our 4th Green School Flag: The Travel Flag.

We are in our 2nd Year of trying to work towards it.

Ms. Bracken and Ms. McCabe are the teachers who run the Green School's Committee. 

The committee is also made up of students from 2nd - 6th Class. There are two boys from each class involved.

We also have a Green School's Detective Team.

This team is made up of 7 students: Daniils, Arlo and Caden from Ms. Sloyan's, Harry and Tadhg from Ms. Cummin's and Ms. Fogarty's and Jamie and Aidan from Ms. Gorham's. 

These boys do a whole school check each day at 12.30pm.

They check to see if any taps, lights or appliances have been left on. They also check if the the bins have any non recyclables in them. 

The different classes are given points for each of the various aspects. The class with the most points win. 

The winners are announced on a Friday.

A bronze award is given to the winners.

The winning class is announced over the intercom.

There is a Green School's Noticeboard on display always in the hall. 

It is regularly updated.