Welcome to Ms. Fenton's First Class

Welcome to Ms. Fenton's first class blog! Please keep on eye on this throughout the year to see what the boys have been up to in school!

At the beginning of the year we had a great discussion in class about being an adult and what jobs the boys would like to have! It varied greatly from teachers to electricians to policemen and of course a footballer!

As part of our autumn theme, we created these cool owls! The boys used cupcake cases to create HUGE owl eyes! Twit-twoo I see you!


We read the mythical story 'The Children of Lir' for history. A myth is a traditional story that always includes magic. Aoife, the evil step mother turned the four children into swans. The boys created swans in art to depict the story.

The boys also learned about different ways the weather was forecast long ago. People used to use folklore or sayings to figure out the weather. 

Red sky at night is a shepherd's delight! Red sky in the morning is a shepherd's warning!

This is our Halloween activities in our class this week!

November/December 2016

On Monday, we carved a pumpkin. 

On Tuesday, we made witches houses.

On Wednesday, we did a cool experiment called Dancing Pumpkins!!


Science week 2019

Science week runs across Ireland from November 10th-November 17th.

In our class we celebrated by doing some science experiments and going on a science walk around the yard.

We went on a science walk around the yard and used our five senses to see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

We used water, oil, food colouring and a special fizzy tablet to create dancing drops! Check out our slideshow below!!

Click on the video to see more!