Welcome to Ms. Fenton's First Class

Welcome to Ms. Fenton's first class blog! Please keep on eye on this throughout the year to see what the boys have been up to in school!

At the beginning of the year we had a great discussion in class about being an adult and what jobs the boys would like to have! It varied greatly from teachers to electricians to policemen and of course a footballer!

As part of our autumn theme, we created these cool owls! The boys used cupcake cases to create HUGE owl eyes! Twit-twoo I see you!


We read the mythical story 'The Children of Lir' for history. A myth is a traditional story that always includes magic. Aoife, the evil step mother turned the four children into swans. The boys created swans in art to depict the story.

The boys also learned about different ways the weather was forecast long ago. People used to use folklore or sayings to figure out the weather. 

Red sky at night is a shepherd's delight! Red sky in the morning is a shepherd's warning!

This is our Halloween activities in our class this week!

November/December 2016

On Monday, we carved a pumpkin. 

On Tuesday, we made witches houses.

On Wednesday, we did a cool experiment called Dancing Pumpkins!!


Science week 2019

Science week runs across Ireland from November 10th-November 17th.

In our class we celebrated by doing some science experiments and going on a science walk around the yard.

We went on a science walk around the yard and used our five senses to see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

We used water, oil, food colouring and a special fizzy tablet to create dancing drops! Check out our slideshow below!!

Click on the video to see more!

Winter penguins

The Way Back Home

In class, we were reading the story 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers. We read the story as a class and used sentences and pictures to sequence the story. The boys worked really well independently to create their storyboard.

We also made art linked to the story. 

Check it out below!

Huge congratulations to all the boys in Ms. Fenton's room for winning CLASS OF THE MONTH from Mr. Moore in November Assembly!

Look at this!!


Sam Maguire cup visits St. Lorcan's

The boys were thrilled when Mr. Moore made the announcement that Evan Cumerford, the sub goal keeper was coming to school with the cup! We all went to the hall for a question and answer session. Evan made some very good points about the importance of hard work, always trying your best and never giving up.

Everyone was lucky to get an autographed postcard!

Multi-cultural week 2019

The first ever multi-cultural week took place in school from December 2nd- 6th. Each class was given 2 countries to focus on. Our countries were Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone.

The boys thoroughly loved learning about these two countries. A big thank you to Darragh's family and Sebastian's family for all the help and resources.

Zimbabwe slideshow
Sierra Leone slideshow

Ms. Fenton also got a henna design done on her hand by Talha's mother. Thank you! Henna is a plant extract from Pakistan and it is part of a traditional ritual using for celebrations such as eid or a wedding. 

As Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe are both in Africa, we danced to 'Waka Waka' everyday in class! Click on the link and have a dance-along at home!!

As part of our Christmas themed work, we have been learning 'Jingle Bell Rock' 

Click on the link to have a sing-along at home!

Here are some pictures of Santa's workshop that we drew!

Santa fact files


Our Christmas books for reading aloud in class.

We made a 'catching snowflakes' craft using chalk and imagination. We acted out ourselves opening our mouths wide and saying 'awww' to catch the snowflakes. Look at our finished work!

We couldn't believe our eyes when Elfie the elf came into our class on Monday. Check out his antics below!

Monday 16th December

Wednesday 18th December

Thursday 19th December

Tuesday 17th December


Welcome back to all the boys after the Christmas break!

As part of our themes in SESE, we have been learning all about the importance of recycling materials. We spoke about the 3 Rs- reduce, reuse, recycle! 

With that in mind, the boys reused egg cartons to create a flower! 

We read the book called 'The day the crayons quit'. This book tells the story of a boy called Duncan who gets letters from his crayons to tell him how they feel. We based our art around this! Check it out!

February 5th is Chinese New Year. In China, the people have big dragon and lion dances to celebrate. They clean their houses to bring good luck for the New Year. They have parades and fireworks. 2019 is the year of the pig.

The boys in 1st class were born in 2010, 2011 or 2012. These are the year of the rabbit, tiger and dragon.

Heading 4

These are our Chinese dragons

In January, our class learned the song 'Thunder' by Imagine Dragons. It tells the story of a boy who tried really hard in school to achieve his goals of becoming a singer and also how he never gave up!!

Why not have a singalong at home?!?


St. Brigid's Day is on February 1st. We read all about St. Brigid and the story of her cross and cloak. The boys decorated a cloak too!

ELECTION IN room 14 

As part of our news and discussion each day, we were chatting about the election! We ran an election in our classroom and each boy had a vote.

We learned new words such as candidate, polling card, I.D. card, manifesto and spoiled vote. 

Every boy designed their own I.D. card and had the responsibility to mind it themselves- no I.D. card, no vote!

There was great excitement in the classroom when the vote and winner was announced!

These were the candidates....

Love is in the air!

Happy St. Valentine's Day from the boys in Room 14!

In our class, we discussed what love is and how do you know if someone loves you.

We learned the classic Beatles song 'All you need is Love!'

We read the story of St. Valentine and we also did some love themed art which the boys brought home! 

Why not have a sing along at home or discuss the importance of love?!

Tuesday February 11th is internet safety day. As a class, we discussed the importance of being safe online and to never give out personal information. The boys designed their own poster with an important internet safety rule.

Theme: The Farm
As part of our thematic planning, the boys have been learning about the farm in all three curricular areas of history, geography and science. 
We have been focusing in history on the changes which have taken place on dairy farms over the years with the introduction of machines. Long ago, the farmer had to milk the cows by hand. Nowadays, the farmer brings all the cows into the parlour and they are put on a milking machine. The machine milks the cows. The milk lorry comes to collect the milk and brings it to the dairy. The dairy is a factory where milk is cleaned and sorted to get it ready to be sold in shops.

Milk is used to make butter. Long ago people made their own butter. They left the cream to rise to the top of the milk. They put the cream into a churn and it was all churned up until it made blobs of butter. It usually takes one full day for one person to churn cream into butter!
We did this in class! All you need is a carton of cream, a plastic carton/lunchbox and a good shake and your cream will turn into butter!

Shake, shake, shake the cream. Shake it until you make butter!


In maths this week, we have been learning all about data. Boys have been voting on their favourite colours and games they like to play in yard. We have been recording it on charts! We also did hair colour (check it out on the class window) and birthday months.

Well done to Seán, Talha, Tom and Eoin for remembering to bring in books from home for World Book Day!

Lá Glas

Dé hÁoine seo caite, bhí lá glas ar siul sa scoil. Bhí na buachaillí ag caitheamh eadaí glas, hataí glas agus spéaclaí glas freisin!! 

Bhíomar ag canadh 'Paint the town green' agus ag déanamh 'an Haka Gaelach'. Bhí alán craic agus spraoi againn.


Bhí seachtain na gaeilge ag siul i rith an tseachtain agus bhí na páistí ag usáid gaeilge i rith an lae

An Haka Gaelach

Léimigí suas! Hurray!

Cliceáil ar an bhfíseán!

School work from home: Monday March 30th- Friday April 3rd 

School work from home: Monday April 20th- Friday April 24th

Schoolwork from home Monday 27th April- Friday 1st May

School work from home Tuesday 5th May to Friday 8th May

School work from home Monday 11th May- Friday 15th May 

School work from home Monday 18th- Friday 22nd May
School work from home Monday 25th May- Friday 29th May

Parents: Please read this PDF document before starting work with your son for this week beginning May 25th. I have added in some new information. Thank you!

Click on the green box to bring you to a video that Ms. Fenton made about rounding. This will help with the maths work on the worksheet.

School work for the first week of June

Parents: Please read this PDF document before starting work with your son for this week. There is some information regarding maths work and also Active Week which will take place 8th-12th June! School was due to be closed bank holiday Monday and Tuesday June 2nd so take a break and enjoy the sunshine! 

Thank you!

Click on the grey button to watch a video Ms. Fenton made all about addition with regrouping. This will help you with your maths work this week.

Active Week: Monday June 8th- Friday June 12th

Parents: Please read this PDF document before starting Active Week and work with your son. Enjoy! Thank you!

Videos for this week:

1. Mr. Men Sports Day story- English

2. Ms. Fenton's sports stuff from home- Active Week

3. Addition with regrouping and subtraction- Maths

Schoolwork from home: Monday June 15th- Friday June 19th

Parents, please read this PDF before starting work with your son for this week June 15th- 19th. Thank you!