Welcome to Ms. Sloyan's 6th Class

Hi boys,

We hope you enjoyed your Confirmation celebrations over the weekend!

Here is a list of activities to complete before 29th March 2020.

Points to remember when completing your work:

- If you have any school copy in your schoolbag, you can use that for all of your work. If not, find a notebook, A4 paper or any writing material in your house and you can complete it in that.

- Complete your chosen Maths worksheet each day and challenge yourself to get as many right as possible - after, check your answers.

- You may present your project in any of the following ways: poster, Powerpoint Presentation, scrapbook.

- You do not need to print worksheets, you can display them on your laptop/tablet and write the answers in your copy, Remember to title and date all work.

**Click below for list of work and all worksheets.

Always try your best!

Stay safe and see you soon,

Ms Gorham & Ms Sloyan

Welcome to our 6th class B Blog. This year there are 25 students in our class. Please press the button below to scroll to the bottom of the page for the most recent posts.

Below is a classroom collage of all the students in our class.

In September, we painted our own personal money boxes. See a picture below of them.

In September, we won Class of The Month! We were delighted with ourselves!

In September and October the 5th and 6th Class boys have been doing Gaelic training and matches for Cumann na mbunscol.

We have been doing very well as we have won all of our matches to date. We have a match today Tuesday the 8th of October which will take place in The Oval. This is a quarter final match. If we get to the final and win it, we will be going to Croke Park.

Have a look below at the pictures to come of the Quarter Final. 

In September, we signed up for The Junior Entrepreneur Programme! Watch This Space!

From the week beginning 14th October, we will begin a programme with Mark Lacey from Insanity Fitzone Palmerstown which will take place in the school hall during the school day. The sessions will be based on fitness, teamwork, resilience and positive self-talk.

32 Counties of Ireland

Here's some help for you to learn them.

Mr. Egan's Retirement 25th October 2019

Sadly Mr. Egan's is retiring on Friday the 25th of October. There will be a special assembly for pupils only on that day from 1.45pm -2.30pm. At 2.30pm the hall will then be open for parents, past pupils, grandparents etc. to celebrate with food and music with Mr. Egan. Everyone is invited to attend.

We will be singing two songs 'I'm still standing' by Elton John and the chorus of An Poc ar Buile. Have a look at the lyrics and Youtube clips below. 

Ailliliú, puilliliú, ailliliú tá an puc ar buile!
Ailliliú, puilliliú,
tá an puc ar buile!

In October we learned about Buildings, Sites and Ruins in Geography. In Art we created some replicas. Take a look below.

                A Crannog

Glasnevin Cemetry 

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Glasnevin Cemetry and Skellig Michael

Glasnevin Cemetry 

An Old Rebel Outpost in The War of Independence 

Ms. Roche joined us in the autumn for three weeks. We did lots of work with her. The theme for the three weeks was Climate Change. We really enjoyed working with her. Take a look below at some of the pieces of work we did with her. 

During Halloween we created Barin Breac recipes in Irish!

In Geography & Science we learned about Animals. We created fact files about various animals. 

In Maths, we have been learning about lines and angles. So learning about Kandinsky in Art was very integrated.

In Art, we created animals with clay. We planned for this and we used various techniques with the clay. 

Here are some close up samples of the clay!

Ms. Roche created a wonderful Investigation table for us. 

We wrote Animal stories in English too.

In Science, we did lots of experiments about weather. We even made a thermometer and a Barometer.

On the 12th of October we went to Lucan Library for Science Week. The workshop was called Junior Einstein. We learned a lot! We even electrocuted a Barbie Doll! Take a look at the pictures below.

Here's some pictures of the type of work we have been doing with Mark Lacey from Insanity Gym, Palmerstown. 

In November we studied 2-D Shapes in Maths. This included solving puzzles using tan-grams. They were trickier than we initially thought. Take a look at some of the pictures below. 

In November, we completed Gymnastics in P.E. We did some pair poses too. Take a look below. 

In November, we started our preparations for Multicultural Week that will take place between December 2nd-6th. We are busy making projects. We are creating projects on 'Germany', 'Latvia', 'Philippians' and 'Hinduism'. 

Here's a graph of all the countries we have been to!