Physical Activities

Physical Activity

Active Flag Slogan
Naithan Thomas came up with our Active Flag Slogan
 “ Healthy minds and healthy hearts, St. Lorcan’s has it from the start”.  

The Active Flag 
Committee picked this slogan as the winner as they thought it was fun and one to get us all moving!! We displayed it in all the classrooms and on our Active Flag notice board in the hall.


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Yard Games
Our Active School Committee organise and set up yard games at lunch time. Games include bowling, hula hoops, skipping, football, hoop throw, hopscotch, scoopers,  sticky catch and Mr. Egan’s amazing sliotar boules game, which featured on News 2day in October 2018, as part of Math's Week. We recently purchased a really cool Frisbee Target Throw Set. 


Fun Dance Friday
'Fun Dance'  continues on the yard every Friday. The boys really look forward to this time and are having great fun dancing to their favourite tunes. The Jumping Jacks Song, Crocodile Stomp, YMCA, Cha Cha Slide and Pop See Ko are some classic favourites. The Shark Song is the song of the month for November.

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WOW COW (Walk/Cycle on Wednesday)
Every Wednesday, we encourage all the boys to walk, cycle or scoot to school. The Active Flag Committee record the scores for each class and the winners receive  ‘Active Time’ on Friday afternoon.

Run Around Europe Challenge

In January 2019, we began the 'Run Around Europe' Challenge. Each class has chosen a country to run to. Every day we run laps of the yard and tot up the distance. We are getting very fit and always feel great afterwards.

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MMovement Breaks

Here in St. Lorcan's, we enjoy taking regular movement/brain breaks. These breaks are very important on rainy days when we can't get outside. Movement breaks include Go Noodle, Just Dance, Yoga/Meditation and various teacher led exercises. We always feel revitalized and ready to learn afterwards. It's a great feeling!