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Welcome to Ms Hodgins' 3rd class!

Welcome to our 3rd Class page. We have had a very busy term! Look at all the exciting things we have done this term!

We were invited to visit the local library in Palmerstown for a healthy eating workshop. We made healthy donuts with a sweet cream cheese topping. Some of us liked it more than others! We still had good fun and learned some things about healthy eating and that protein is good for our muscles.

We also entered in to the Young Engineers Award this year. We had to work in groups to design and make a project that would benefit the community. We loved doing this!

First, we learned alot about what engineers do and how there are many different types of engineers. We walked around the neighbourhood to disciver examples of engineering in our community.

Then we were split in to groups.

Here we are, working in our groups to come up with an idea. 

When we had drawn, planned and designed our projects, we had to make a prototype. Here are the prototypes we made. We are very proud at how they turned out. 


At the end of the project, an engineer came to visit us. He told us all about his job and where he was from. Here is a boy from our class trying on the safety gear he has to wear when on site.

We also presented our projects to him and he asked us questions about them.

Here we were invited to help plant over 1200 trees in our local park. We met the Mayor and did a great job planting trees with dozens of other volunteers from around the area. We had a great time and are looking forward to visiting this spot in the Summer to see how the trees have grown over the next few months. 

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