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Ms. Herbert's

2nd Class

Hello from Ms. Herbert's 2nd class in room 5.


We have been busy learning in our first term. We initially spent time reconnecting and sharing our news before delving in to our main overarching theme of the first term which was Autumn and the changing seasons. 


In maths we studied 2D and 3D shapes. We made some colourful collages using the shapes. We identified all the various shapes in our environment and daily lives.













Additionally we explored the measure; time. We studied the passage of time, read the day, date and month using the calendar. We identified the season and it's distinguishing characteristics.

We learned about leaves, their function, why they change colour and seasonal characteristics. We did scientific experiments on water transportation in plants and leaf chromatography. We developed investigative skills such as prediction, exploration and analysis. 






We recreated trees in the form of the famous artist Wassily Kadinsky. We also drew self portraits inspired by Tim Burton.

We created our very own characters and story. We made our characters into stick puppets and designed the setting. In small groups we then put on a puppet show for our classmates. We had great fun!!

In addition to performing our puppet shows we role-played reporting on the weather. This lesson went down a storm! 

As the colder months arrived we explored different ways animals stay warm. We learned how different animals use either feathers or fur to keep warm, while others huddle or find shelter. We did an experiment investigating the effectiveness of blubber to help some animals stay warm. We submerged our hands in very cold water. Then we wrapped our hands in a sandwich bag filled with fat. We submerged our wrapped hands in the very cold water to feel the difference. We discovered fat is very effective at keeping out the cold.

We celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ through stories, songs and beautiful artwork.  We had our first visit to the church as part of preparation to receive our First Holy Communion. 

We finished the 1st term with festive art and activities. We also had a very special visit from Santa Claus.  

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